Is sports massage the best treatment for you right now?


I noticed you've been on my website recently;
- maybe you want to know if sports massage would help you with a back pain
- maybe you want to speed up recovery from a nasty sports injury that is now stopping you from playing your favourite game
- perhaps you are frustrated because your GP did help you at all.
I'd love to answer all your question, but I can't do it without learning more about your problem.
The treatment I offer is a combination of sports massage, trigger pointing, positional release techniques and PNF stretches put together to maximise your recovery. Over last eight years, I've been testing many different ways to treat back pain and sports injuries successfully, I believe I found the right way.

Here's what my clients say about my treatment

Kate Halka

I have been super impressed by Martin. The thing that has impressed me most is his approach to treatment. He could make a fortune encouraging people to just focus on the treatment and ignore the causes. He doesn't. He has such high standards of professional integrity. He's focuses on the causes of the alignment as much as the treatment itself. He's advised me how to alter my lifestyle and taught me exercises in order to minimise the amount of treatment I need. You don't get too many honest business people these days but Martin is one of them. In addition to Martin's approach, I can also rate the quality of his treatments. I've had a lot of treatment for my shoulder and neck pain from therapists all around the country and I can honestly say, the treatments I have received from Martin are up there with the best. I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks Martin, thank you very much. Kate

Damo Burke

Had season first triathlon yesterday resulting in quite a bit of hip pain. Went to Marcin today and 30 mins later all the tension and pain is gone. Some good advice for stretching as well. Thanks a million.

Ed Holdstock

Martin's a really nice guy and very knowledgable, pointed out exactly why I was experiencing pain and helped target those areas to alleviate the tension. He's advised me on stretches to be doing in my spare time and after exercising to prevent any further injury. Have no doubt that I'll be feeling much better soon.

Jim Packhorse

Splendid service & care from Martin. Excellent massage which in 2 sessions has really addressed my shoulder problem. Will be back as I feel my general body health is improving

Joanne Rothery

Never had a sports massage before, decided it was what i needed after starting intensive training and straining my lower back. Martin accurately diagnosed tension in my upper back and posture issues created from sitting at a desk all day. The treatment was intense and very beneficial. Martin is very knowledgeable and clearly knows what he is talking about. I was also shown some stretching exercises to release the tension. Definitely recommend Martins treatment

Wayne Carroll

I would like to thank you very much for helping me with my crippling back and shoulder pain Martin, I've been suffering for a long time now, been to a few so called specialists and none of them made a difference. If anything I think they made it worse. I found a kind, very professional and very helpful sports massage therapist in Leeds and wow he know his stuff
Today I feel like a new man and it's all thanks to the Martin
Also thank you for the great advise and for sending me some very good information.
Many thanks

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