How much longer are you going to let back pain affect the quality of your life?

If you are like many of my patients, you've tried lots of different therapies without much luck. Your back is still hurting even if you avoid activities you like so much before the pain started.

The solution exists, and it's easier than you may think! I understand you've heard that before, but let me show you just a few out of 100's 5-star reviews from people just like you.

To succeed in your recovery, you must start with Assessment - there's nothing more important than this! I'm not talking about the consultation form you are always asked to fill before your treatment.

The Assessment I created is the reason why so many of my patients are recovering from years of back pain very quickly. I hope you read the reviews to see for yourself.

The best thing is you don't have to travel to Leeds for this! You may think how this online consultation will help me without the treatment.

Well, during our online session, we will discover the real cause of your muscular issues. From there, I'll be able to design treatment for you, recommend the best products for you, I bet your therapist never told you that the right products could help you recover faster, did they? I will also recommend a set of very simple and easy exercises to do at home.

Please allow me to tell you this, the treatment itself is never enough. I've been doing this since 2008. There's no magic button any therapist can press and stop your back pain. The fastest way is to find the root cause of the problem, get the right treatment. I'll help you find the right therapist locally and will tell you exactly what to ask them for, get the product that will enhance the benefits of the treatment and learn what exercises are the best for you!

If you are ready, book your online Assessment with us – call 07851106154 today.

If you are ready, book your online Assessment with us – call 07851106154 today.