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Peak Performance

Be  a  champion!

How do they do that?

Over the summer 2012 we all enjoyed watching the Olympians in London and we all appreciated their commitment and hard work in preparation to the Games. Most of them train all year round, 5-7 days a week for a few hours each day!!!

How can their bodies co-operate under such an extreme training regime?

It is all down to the things we do not see on the TV screen. Following their heavy training most of them get tailored treatment to help them speed up the recovery process and keep their muscles and tendons in perfect conditions.

At Sports Massage Leeds we are helping world-class sportsmen’s be the best they can be. We can help you achieve your maximum potential!

Many of our clients receive weekly or bi-weekly treatments to assist them with hard training.

This is how you can benefit  from regular massage:

  • It reduces unnecessary tension in your muscles
  • It improves your flexibility ( nobody likes to stretch, but it is one of the most important things required to keep you well)
  • It reduces considerably the risk of injury
  • It keeps your body in optimal condition
  • It relaxes your muscles, which helps in building perfect muscle tissue and most importantly
  • It strengthens the BODY-MIND connection necessary to keep YOU ON THE TOP!

if you feel like you deserve professional assistance and guidance give us a call