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Stress Down Day in Your Office

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[kc_heading_pac_1_headline_main size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]According to NHS stress is the no. 1 reason for work related illness.[/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_main]

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  • Does the productivity of your office slow down when an employee is off sick?
  • Do you have to delegate more work to other members of your team when it happen?


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  • Increase alertness and leave your employee energized and more productive?
  • Boost morale and motivation at work?
  • Create a healthier working environment?
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the wellness of your staff?
  • Reduce headaches, eyestrain and fatigue?
  • Reduce risk of RSI?
  • Save money by reducing absenteeism?


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[headlineset_pac_1_style_1][headlineset_pac_1_underline_1] Strees Down Day[/headlineset_pac_1_underline_1][headlineset_pac_1_box_1]Less Stress, in record time…every time![/headlineset_pac_1_box_1][/headlineset_pac_1_style_1]