FAQ - Sports Massage Leeds


1. why you offer programs that 4 or 6 weeks long

The Back Pain Free Life System is 6 week long because i know from my experience that we are all “creatures of habits” , most of us spend years develping bad habits that lead you to back problem. In the order to change it you MUST learn new healthy habits to support your rehabilitation process.

most sports injuries needs about 4 week to get to the point where you will be safe to get back to your training. NOTE that we are all different and healing time may very from person to person. there are many factors to consider in the healing process.

The service Sports Massage Leeds provides its not “one treatment magic solution” or a “secret pill” that will change you completely in 30 minutes. You’ll need to commit and follow your “game plan”to succeed! we’ll be with you when you need us and we will keep you accountable.

Together we will change your life for better!

2. What do I do after my 4 or 6 weeks program is finish?

As we mention earlier you will develop new healthy habits along the way and hopefully make your health priority. During your time with us we will teach you about safety in training so you will go out there “fully equip” . Also you are more than welcome to see if you can help you become a champion! 

3. is it possible I can injure myself again/

Sorry to tell you that but YES! it is possible. During the assesment we’ll find out why you injure, what has happen and how to prevent this injury in future.most common reasons that increase risk of injury are

-lack of concentration

-bad technique

-lack of knowledge about of training and exercises

Most of us learn exercises from older collegues who has limited or NO knowledge about exercies!!! I strongly recomend at least few sessions with good Personal Trainer. During our time in Health and fitness business we got to know some of the best PT’s in our region so if you need help just give us a call.

4. Are those programs for every one?

No. Some of the back problems or injuries can only be treated in hospital. During your assesment We’ll decide if one of our programs is the best option for you. But even then you will be ask set of questions to find out if you are ready to take part in one of our programs. We only work with people ready to change their life for better.

5. ok I’m ready to take a step forwrd to improve my life , what do i do next?

congratulation! you are already far ahead of those who talk about changes but never do anything. Now we need to meet up and discover how we can help you fast. email your details to us and we will get back to you in next 48h. there is high demand on The Back Pain Free Life System and sometimes you wont be able to start straight away, but dont worry our list is not like NHS waiting list 🙂

most important: send us your details today and in two days you’ll know when we can start!

6. what if I’m not motivated enough to finish my program?

we offer 100% money back guarantee! you’ll have 7 days to make your mind if that’s the right way to help you with your problem. Just let us know before your second massage session ( usually 7 days after first session ) and we’ll give you every penny back!


If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, call or email us and we’ll do everything we can to help you.