It all began in 2008 when my son was born with a neck muscle disorder called TORTICALLIS. The muscles on the right hand side of his neck were constantly contracting, holding a lot of tension. My son Sebastian had a problem with movement and we could see him struggling a lot. There was no time to waste, we booked an appointment with our GP.


My wife was crying hysterically after a disappointing appointment with the GP.

I still remember the day, it was a rainy Monday morning, we were hoping our doctor would find a way to help our son. We were WRONG! The GP sent us back home without any suggestions or further treatment options, I was driving back home devastated, but I knew we had to act fast as this condition untreated leads to scoliosis and chronic back pain.


Flying for help

Straight away I was looking for someone I know who could help us. I discovered that one of my friend’s mothers is an amazing Babies & Toddler physiotherapist working abroad. 5 days later I was boarding a plane with Sebastian. During our first session with her we were told it would take at least 3 months of everyday treatments to help my son, we couldn’t afford to stay abroad for that long.


What happened next changed my life forever.

I was scared and shocked when our Physio offered to teach me everything I needed to know to treat my son. She explained to me in detail how all the very powerful and effective techniques worked and I was ready to go….. Over the next week I learned specific deep tissue massage and stretching exercises, but most important, I was helping my son and we could see positive changes, I was on the mission, I was researching and learning the best back problem treatments from all over the world at the same time. I was working with my son and I succeeded! After 4 months my son’s neck was straight again! I was so happy we did it. I knew I could use my knowledge to help others like I helped my son. When I was researching back problems and treatments, I discovered millions of people suffered from chronic back pain, bad posture and muscle tension. There was only one way to help more people. I needed a certification so that I would be able to safely treat people


I found the way to quickly help people with back problems.

I went to college to study Sports Massage. It was a great course, I learned many more ways to effectively and quickly treat people with back problems, once again I was a student of a very experienced therapist. Learning how to treat my son’s back problem was my priority in 2008, since then I have helped over 1000 hopeless people to reduce or eliminate their back pain. Now my treatment is available to you.

  • Short and very simple treatments will reduce your back pain instantly. An astonishingly powerful sports massage treatment that is frequently used by smart professionals… but ignored by 99% of others
  • Discover how reducing back pain helps people like you to “sleep like a baby” through the night and jump out of the bed in the morning. Unstoppable, full of energy and ready to take on any task.
  • Instantly improve your posture - relaxed back muscles will help you get the charming, confident appearance you have always dreamed of. Your boss won’t be able to turn you down when you ask for a raise.
  • This simple treatment eliminates any muscular tension or soreness right away. The result: speedy recovery after heavy training, more fun in the gym, faster muscle growth