Sports Injury Clinic at Sports Massage Leeds

If you are on this page we assume that you have been injured. We are sorry to hear that, but we are here to help you and help you fast, there is no time to waste for two reasons:

  • The faster you start your rehabilitation treatment the more chances you will have for full recovery
  • We know from our own experience that you are dying to get back to the gym or on the pitch. There is nothing worse than watching your mates play while you are on the sideline in pain!

Let me tell you something very important, you can't outtrain injury so please stop training until you see specialist. Unfortunately, we have seen it too many times, no-pain no-gain is the worst strategy to deal with injury, do not do it. Talk to us or other professional is Leeds.

I mentioned earlier how important is to see sports injury specialist as soon as possible, in our clinic we alway start with an assessment. During the initial consultation we will go through number of mobility and strength test to assess the scale of your injury. Once we gather all the information we will design 'The Game Plan' for you, where we will highlight the type of treatments and exercises we confident will get you back to the training as soon as possible.

The two questions we get always asked are:

  • How many session will I need?
  • When do you think I will be able to train again?

The answer is simple; the sooner you start your rehab process the sooner you'll be able to get back to training. Every injury is different but you body need time to heal, we can accelerate this process with right treatment and exercises.

Sometimes one treatment is enough:

best Sports massage in leeds We will be able to tell you more after the assessment.  To book your assessment call Martin on 07851106154

Speak soon,